Your Zodiac sign is - Taurus

Taurus Characteristics:

Symbol:    The Bull

Group:    Emotional

Polarity:    Negative

Favorable Colors:   Pink

Chinese Counterpart:   Snake

Lucky Gem:   Emerald

Element:    Earth

Ruling Planet:    Venus

Cross/Quality:    Fixed

House Ruled:    Second

Opposite Sign:    Scorpio

Taurus in Love:

Be prepared to take your time when it comes to the Taurus lover. Exceptionally sensual, touch is most important, and being rushed in any way, shape, or form is not going to turn this sign on. Mates are often from the same status and social circle able to match the Bull's intellect and desire for the better things in life. Expect affections to be shown through material items - the Taurus is a great gift-giver.

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