Your Zodiac sign is - Virgo

Virgo Characteristics:

Symbol:    The Virgin

Group:    Intellectual

Polarity:    Negative

Favorable Colors:   Green, Brown

Chinese Counterpart:   Rooster

Lucky Gem:   Sardonyx

Element:    Earth

Ruling Planet:    Mercury

Cross/Quality:    Mutable

House Ruled:    Sixth

Opposite Sign:    Pisces

Virgo in Love:

It's important for the Virgo lover to feel needed by their mates. Outside of the bedroom is where the majority of foreplay is going to happen for this sign. Tactile, methodical and willing to take as long as is needed, they make excellent lovers. Even though the Virgo won't express many words of love, they will show their affections in the bedroom. Virgos prefer to have a few strong connections rather than many partners. Life partners are chosen based on how important and needed the Virgo feels they are in their lives. They are dedicated spouses that love to live on the wild side once and a while.

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